Green’s Dictionary of Slang News

Update #14 1 May 2020

Welcome to the fourteenth and latest quarterly update of the online version of Green’s Dictionary of Slang.

As ever, some statistics: research over the last three months has added 389 new slang terms; 127 entries have been predated as to their currently recorded ‘first use’ and some 3456 new citations – including ante-dates, inter-dates and post-dates to reflect the continuing use of many terms –  have been uploaded within  2592 terms. In total the database currently offers 55,478 headwords (within which are nested over 135,000 discrete words and phrases, underpinned by over 655,000 citations). All this material is on offer to every user.

For an overview, with the fruits of the last quarter’s research in chronological order, all users of the dictionary can go here.This uses the same software as the Timelines of Slang. New terms are marked in red, ante-dates in blue. As pioneered in recent updates, the format has been improved: entries now link to the specific part of a database headword, its sense and where pertinent its homonym number. In addition, and now for the first time, the file offers ‘live’ links to the dictionary, and users will be able to check out exactly what has been added, and see it in a proper context.