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A Sample of ‘Drunk’

Events beyond my control are making the next installment of Heroes and Heroines of Slang a little late. In the meantime dictionary users might enjoy a new and on-going project: Slang Family Trees. The aim of this is twofold. On the one hand, and like the Timelines of Slang, it is another way of visualizing the slang database. On the other, the product of that visualization is to present some of slang’s primary themes – such as sex, the parts of the body, drunkenness or the police – in terms of the way slang sees them. If the Timelines put the many synonyms in chronological order, the Family Trees show the way these underlying images extend out from the central theme. In this way of seeing the vocabulary, the vagina, for instance, is not simply a hole, but an abyss, a ring, an entrance, a passage, a road, a container and a box. Slang has terms that fit each of these sub-sets and many more. The system can applied to any of slang’s themes.

These are the current family trees:

The ‘penis’ family tree will be posted soon. The aim is to cover all those topics that slang has developed to a greater extent than has any other linguistic register.